All By Myself



by Penni Rubin

  I  painted a picture the other day
With big lines and splashy blue swirls.
I showed my mom and she said, "Oh my,
It's a picture of a pretty girl."

Well I thought I painted a rocket ship,
Shooting to the moon like it should!
But my mom said it was a "pretty girl"
I guess I'm not too good.

I glued the silliest puppet-clown face
And showed it to my dad.
He said the "eyes were crooked
and it was missing it's mouth!"
I guess he thought it was bad.

I made a big elephant out of clay
And showed my older brother.
He yelled "Get that glob out of my room!"
I won't make him another.

I drew a picture of me feeling sad,
My sister giggled and laughed all day."
She said, "Look at the ugly monster you made!"
That's what I heard her say.

But when I showed my teacher all of my work
She said- "My! What a talent you've got!
I see the big lines and the splashy blue swirls.
You must've thought about these a lot!"

"I see rick-rack and long curly red yarn,
And fabric and clay from the shelf!"
She described what I did and it felt so good
I said proudly...
"I made 'em all by myself!"

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