Music Out Of The Ordinary

Vibration makes it all work!

In the middle of the exhibit was a large drum* & hanging was a bamboo wooden chime to show that size & length make different pitches. There were 4 rounded quadrants: each had 4 sections. A 1/4 round table was in back with shelves on either side. We took a round cement tube and added a peek-a-boo window as a showcase for things that the kids could not touch. We had long instruments hanging from the ceiling. Against the wall, there was a water xylophone, labeled to “Fill each pop bottle with different amounts of water!”& tap the musical scale. ART: Recycled materials, tape, glue & goodies were also available. Tables were set up to make instruments using these four techniques.

STRETCHED SKIN: Membranophones
1.Shelf A- w/tree branch & natural instruments hung from the twigs (shell, goat horn, gourds, etc.)

2. Shelf B- Different drum sizes. Bongos, a talking drum, a 2 sided, & a tambourine.

3.Showcase: had drums from around the world. This case held untouchable items.

4. Table- different sized instruments: We used an African thumb piano & a tongue depressor finger piano

MATERIAL: Idiophones
1. Shelf A- different materials to tap with a variety of mallets (wood, metallic mixing bowls, glass, & milk glass of different sizes).

2. Shelf B- rhythm instruments, (tap, scrape, shake, clash, etc.) & more mallets, whisks & dowels to try also.

3. In rounded case, an antique musical toy collection was housed. (wind up monkey w/cymbals, toy folk art piano, harmonicas)
4. Table had dozens of shakers to match sounds (rice, beans, pennies, air) 

1. Shelf A- violin with a bow, a dulcimer & a guitar. The words “use bow, pluck, or strum”
were on the signs.

2. Shelf B- 2 shelves, one had a metal xylophone & the other a wooden gourd marimba from Africa to compare sounds.
3. Showcase- Beautiful stringed instruments including one made from a turtle shell.

4. Table had a rubber band board with bands to stretch & create different pitches.

AIR COLUMNS: Aerophones
1.Shelf A- different wind instrument reeds were on
display & organ pipes with a hose were connected so the kids could use a baster, or a pump, or a fireplace bellow to blow air into the pipes.

2. Shelf B- A bicycle pump organ was created for the kids to play real organ pipes using the pumps. (So we had no germ-a-phones!)
3. Showcase- Real orchestra instruments: woodwinds & brass.
4. Table had interesting materials that we could hang- a large cymbal, wood chimes, & other orchestra instruments were there.

 *Torn paper can "dance" on a big drum when hit!  


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