Penni will help you create a discovery center at your school, community center, or library. She will provide guidance on how anyone can set-up these different WONDERlabs. Penni helps you create  interactive hands-on science activities along with art that reinforces the learning concepts.

Pre-K to 2nd grade.


Pictures from a Dino-MATH WONDERlab. Totally interactive materials that hide the learning in the fun.

  Dino-MATH Paleontology lets kids match, sort, classify and measure using a most favorite childhood theme of dinosaurs. Bones and hard parts, fascinating finds, our bodies/skeletons make it more personal. 
  Under The Sea Oceanography includes models, specimens, art, w/samples of vertebrates & invertebrates sharks teeth dig, matching whales & dolphin babies. Corals, shells, radial art, urchins starfish & sand dollars. Terrific specimens for kids to compare.
           The Rainforest
Zoology includes work with insects, butterflies, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and primates. Nothing live but fascinating examples, measuring and "spotting" likes and differences. Fabulous samples of the animal kingdom, some real specimens- from furs & skins to horns skulls & teeth. Kids can see real & lifelike specimens, to sort and count, fold & make bugs, and see how they see.
  Plants Past Present Future Botany for kids: Trees, leaves, seeds & pods; plant parts we eat, seeds that move, variety of things people do with plants. Includes archeology: peoples and cultures, art projects, dig site, learning about natural & man-made artifacts, history for kids.
  Earth Sciences Geology to learn about rocks and stuff, our planet, forces in nature, gems & a lava identification game for fun. Fossil game for finding out about "plant, animal or mineral" (trace fossils) Kids learn to compare a wonderful variety of examples from an extensive collection.
Using phone books to demonstrate plate movement in the Earth Science WONDERlab Making designer frogs in the Rainforest WONDERlab.
            Sound Off   Science Learn about vibration and sound enhancement by learning how musical instruments have been made throughout history by people all over the world (music ethnocology)
  Bubbles and Water Power
The forces of air and water that can move a waterwheel and create a stream for siphoning, pushing, blowing, Air columns, straws, bubble frames and wands that stretch the film molecules. Best done outside.
  Roller Coaster Physics Kids get to observe physical motion and  manipulate balls to see cause & effect Ramps and rolling, car and marble racers, pinball machines. Energy. A noisy WONDERlab!
  Color, Light & Reflection Mix colors paint & light, mirror art, reflective writing and optical illusions "Mirror Mirror" show (for group assembly)
Photo of kids doing the "See the Shells" in the Under the Sea WONDERlab  Photo from the "Butterflies are Free" activity in the Rain forest WONDERlab


About Penni Rubin

Penni Rubin: BA. in ECED, master teacher since 1970. Developed her own enrichment centers, was on staff at English Nanny School teaching creative play. Author/illustrator (Mommy I Have Nothing To Do Book, Science in the Sandbox, Math in Motion, What's Under Your Feet?, Why is the Sky Blue?). Singer and song writer, popular lecturer and teacher trainer in Creativity in the Classroom, using her Project S.A.M. M. (integrating science art and math/music) into curriculum of preschool & primary students. Penni was on staff at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

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